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Our Mission

Sustainable future
through digitalization



When five became one

Many have heard of the Elisa Corporation with its telecommunications roots going back to 1886. Elisa IndustrIQ however, has an entirely different beginning, and its focus is on intelligent manufacturing.

​​In 2016, Elisa created a sub-brand, Elisa Smart Factory. Over the next five years, Elisa Smart Factory successfully focused on digitalizing manufacturing companies’ operations on global scale.

Early 2021, Elisa Corporation acquired the German-based camLine Group and CalcuQuote based in Texas, USA. camLine is a leading software solution provider for the high-tech and semiconductor industries, and CalcuQuote is a quoting and supply chain software provider for electronics manufacturing companies. At the same time, Elisa also became a minority shareholder of Italian-based smart manufacturing company, sedApta Group. In September 2021 we further continued our growth and joined forces with Tenforce, a Belgium-based industry software company helping manufacturers improve their environmental, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) performance.

With the new companies onboard, it was time to unite the individual brands, industrial solutions and products under one unified brand, Elisa IndustrIQ. The business rational behind joining forces was centered around the fact that by coming together, IndustrIQ is able to provide manufacturers with modular, best-of-breed AI solutions for the ever-changing business needs.


Making intelligent manufacturing happen

Elisa IndustrIQ provides AI-powered software solutions to empower manufacturers of complex, high-volume products with new insights and knowledge that can rapidly improve business performance and drive supply chain optimization. Our intelligence platform seamlessly connects any machine, application or data source, unifies data for cross-company access, and confidently gives insights, predicts outcomes and provides recommendation – in real time and at scale. 

As a result, our customers achieve and exceed their business goals, drive down costs, meet market demand and ultimately achieve greater agility, visibility and sustainability in an unpredictable world.  


Improving supply chain processes for sustainable profitability

Elisa IndustrIQ offers a complete, open and modular software suite from demand prediction to the final delivery of the product, and everything in between. We fuel the suite with AI-powered insights and recommendations. ​

We believe that every supply chain can be optimized to deliver sustainable profitability – and with the right tools and solutions, it doesn’t have to be that hard. 




Global Team


We’ve walked miles in customers’ shoes

Automation has taken over the most simple, repetitive tasks in manufacturing. As a result, people are left to perform the most complicated operations. Tools on the shop floor, however, haven’t kept up. This means humans are performing complex tasks without the benefit of adequate information or solutions to solve the toughest manufacturing challenges. 

We’ve been there, and now we’re building the solutions we wish we had.

We’ve felt the pain of not having real-time production visibility. We’ve felt the stress of wondering which network components would fail next, and we’ve felt frustrated of having to manage continuous ad-hoc crisis without the ability to predict or prevent them. And that’s why we’ve built the advanced analytics capabilities and solutions we wish we had.


Stronger together

Our team consists of experts with years of manufacturing and supply chain know-how and deep industry expertise. We are also truly global; we work in Europe, Asia and the United States

We pride ourselves at being the very best at what we do and we’re proud to be empowering over 1,000+ manufacturers worldwide to transform the way they build products.  

Making smart manufacturing possible together with