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Revolutionising Battery Manufacturing with Cutting-Edge Software Solutions

Battery manufacturing is a rapidly growing industry, with increasing demand for batteries in a wide variety of sectors including electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, and consumer electronics. However, the manufacturing process can be complex and challenging, with a need for precise control and management of materials, quality, and production. That is where our battery manufacturing software comes in. We offer powerful solutions designed specifically to address the unique challenges of battery production.

Scale from Lab to Gigafactory

We provide a broad digital solution portfolio that meets your changing needs through your phases of scales. While your team is growing, and you replace your production equipment along jour journey to Gigafactory capacity, your digital backbone stays the reliable constant.

Faster time to market

We combined 30+ years of industrial experience with latest advanced analytics capabilities to help you cut corners on your way to Gigafactory. Our tools make sure that your experts’ time is spent efficiently, to pave the way for a quick production ramp up.

Outperform your competition

Automation is our strong suit. Once your production system is running, our automation solutions ensure that your production system is running at its sweet spot. Meet the highest customer demands with our Quality Assurance system in place.

Buy software, get expertise

We have a long track record in high quality / high volume production facilities that helped us develop outstanding software. Even more, we have gained experience in various stages of production volume and end customers’ quality requirements. 

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Blog: Digitalisation is key to sustainability in battery manufacturing

The world is becoming more reliant on lithium-ion battery technology than ever before; from the smart devices we carry in our pockets to the cars we drive. This growing need has highlighted a number of issues in battery manufacturing and the impact they have on sustainability. Discover how digitalisation addresses and resolves these issues through leveraging manufacturing software and digital capabilities.

solutions & capabilities


Our Design of Experiments solution helps manufacturers to efficiently develop new electrode recipes to cut costs or improve cell performance. Based on existing process models, our Software helps to identify the most promising recipe adjustments to reduce testing efforts.


Our information management system for lab environments offers the flexibility to plan, test and refine your production processes on lab level. It helps engineers from different domains to document and share their activities for a smooth cooperation during the early stages of production.


Our ME-System smoothly integrates with our other software modules and thus ensures a smooth production from day one.
Its comprehensive set of modules covers all needs to digitally manage and control your production system.

INCREASED PRODUCTION YIELD                       

High quality production at high volumes is our strength. Our Quality Assurance system ensures the most efficient production runs by combining state-of-the-art automation features with advanced analytics capabilities for outstanding production yield.

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