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On our journey to improving supply chain processes for sustainable profitability, we enable our customers to optimise processes from order placement through execution and delivery. Do you want to take part in making intelligent manufacturing happen? Get in touch with us today!

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Our team consists of experts with years of manufacturing and supply chain know-how and deep industry expertise. We are truly global; we work in Europe, Asia and the United States. You can find our open positions here.

Who we are

Many have heard of Elisa Corporation with its telecommunications roots going back to 1886. Elisa IndustrIQ however, has an entirely different beginning, and focuses on intelligent manufacturing. In 2016, Elisa created a sub-brand, Elisa Smart Factory, that successfully focused on digitalising manufacturing companies’ operations over the next five years. Starting from 2021, Elisa has acquired the German-based leading software solution provider camLine, Texas-based quoting and supply chain software provider CalcuQuote, and Belgium-based industry software company TenForce. Elisa also formed a strategic association with Italian-based smart manufacturing company sedApta.

What we do

Elisa IndustrIQ provides AI-powered software solutions to empower manufacturers of complex, high-volume products with new insights and knowledge that can rapidly improve business performance and drive supply chain optimisation.

Our intelligent platform seamlessly connects any machine, application or data source, unifies data for cross-company access, and confidently gives insights, predicts outcomes and provides recommendations – in real time and at scale. As a result, our customers achieve and exceed their business goals, drive down costs, meet market demand and ultimately achieve greater agility, visibility and sustainability in an unpredictable world.



Working at elisa corporation

Elisa IndustrIQ is a sub-brand of Elisa Corporation, that has 140 years of technological experience. Our success has come from our ability to collect data, analyse it with machine learning and generate insights that have helped us to deliver sustainable growth and financial results. Watch the video about working in Elisa Corporation, that has always been enthusiastic about utilising new technologies and ways of working.

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