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What is elisa industrIQ

Elisa IndustrIQ provides manufacturing companies with AI-powered software solutions that allow factory employees to make critical decisions faster and easier. This enables customers to achieve flexibility and resilience throughout the supply chain and gives them the necessary tools to react to disruptions and recover from them faster. That helps customers increase competitiveness, grow sustainably, and improve their financial results.

Elisa IndustrIQ is part of Elisa Corporation, a company that has been around since 1882 and is known for its telecommunications, digital services and technologies in Finland. Elisa’s history is characterised by always looking for something new and by challenging and disrupting prevailing approaches. As a technology forerunner both in Finland and internationally, we have an impressive track record in harnessing technology for sustainable development and growth.

When five become one

Since 2021, Elisa has broadened its industry knowledge and expertise through strategic partnerships and acquisitions, Together with these partners we make smart manufacturing possible:



How do you start producing industrial manufacturing software and focus on optimising and improving manufacturing processes and supply chains when you are a telecommunications company?

Sometime in the late 2000’s we started asking ourselves at Elisa how can we do more and make a greater impact. Climate change was emerging as one of the biggest environmental and social challenges facing the world. We came to the conclusion it was time for addressing these challenges through sustainable business practices. We commenced the effort by examining our own practices, and we knew we would need to reimagine everything that a company does and what an industry can be to be successful in our endeavor.

Elisa’s forward-thinking and innovative data-driven approach for managing, operating, and maintaining our mobile telephone network was already producing very positive results, when the manufacturing industry was on the brink of digital transformation as well. Companies were trying to figure out what to do with the vast amounts of data they were collecting from their machines, their suppliers, and various complex processes. They knew they were sitting on gold but didn’t know how to get to it. This is when the idea of Elisa IndustrIQ first came to life.

Companies needed a way to get meaningful, useful information on their operations from data. We took our expertise from optimising mobile telephone networks and applied our learnings to new complex, high-tech processes and environments in the manufacturing industry. Our approach was on providing manufacturers with valuable insights and giving them the right tools for optimising their operations. This required data and our focus was, at first, on digitalising manufacturing companies’ operations on a global scale.

However, data is not worth anything if it’s just data. You need context in order to get meaningful insights and gain value from it. We understood we need to provide our customers with context needed to make better decisions, achieve better quality, with less waste and higher profitability in the end. For this we required industry-specific expertise.

In 2021, Elisa deepened and broadened its industry knowledge by joining forces with top industry leaders; German-based camLine Group and CalcuQuote based in Texas, USA. camLine is a leading software solution provider for the high-tech and semiconductor industries, and CalcuQuote is a quoting and supply chain software provider for electronics manufacturing companies.

At the same time, Elisa also became a minority shareholder of Italian-based smart manufacturing company, sedApta Group. In September 2021 we further continued our growth and joined forces with Tenforce, a Belgium-based industry software company helping manufacturers improve their environmental, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) performance.

Together, as Elisa IndustrIQ, we are able to provide manufacturers with modular, best-of-breed AI solutions for the ever-changing business needs. Our mission is: ”Sustainable Future through Digitalisation” and we provide solutions that create positive impact on the environment and society and offer manufacturers tools that foster sustainability.