How Smart Manufacturing Drives Continuous Improvements

About this webinar


For many manufacturers, continuous improvement remains a great concept and belief but the foundation that ensures long-term success isn’t in place. If you are looking for driving sustainable efficiency gains, focusing on optimizing a single machine isn’t going to give you what you need on your factory floor. Neither is sub-optimizing siloed data or sporadic, exponential change attempts.
Instead, it is important to measure the end-to-end manufacturing process as a whole. Break the company data silos, gain visibility across structured, semi-structured, and un-structured data, and turn that data into insights that help you focus on improving processes by eliminating waste throughout the process.
You’ll learn:
  • NHow smart manufacturing drives sustainable efficiency gains
  • NWhy breaking cross-functional data silos will bring you the biggest efficiency gains
  • NHow smart manufacturing ensures you will keep getting better and not revert back?
  • NHow the ‘lighthouse’ manufacturers have succeeded without replacing their legacy systems