Make Data Analytics Your Super Power

About the webinar


In the age of information economy, data is the potentially the most valuable asset of any company.  We say potentially valuable because it is only valuable if it is effectively analyzed and then used to support your company decision-making.

Too often, however, manufacturers collect real-time production and quality data, but the data is siloed and it “goes to waste” due to the lack of platforms that can truly leverage these diverse data sources and extract overarching insights to improve quality, yield, and productivity. Or, companies are taking these lakes of siloed data and analyzing those without being able to unlock new value and outcomes.

As a result, companies are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to reap the benefits that data and data analytics can offer. To become a smart factory, companies must make data analytics their superpower by embedding analytics across their entire production process.

You’ll learn:

  • NHow you can put your data to work
  • NHow analytics helps you optimize processes, grow profits and reduce time to market
  • NWhy you need data-driven manufacturing analytics instead of business analytics platform