advanced industrial analytics

Empower your teams with engineering data analytics

Analytics powerhouse for manufacturing professionals

Identify process cost savings and gain insights by optimizing your experiments. Get solutions that help engineers simplify unexpected or reoccurring analytical tasks.

Individuals and entire teams benefit from flexible tools providing established statistical methods that are applicable in multiple disciplines and industries, i.e. manufacturing, research, development, quality assurance, and education.

With a smart set of generic statistical methods and graph types, the daily work will be a lot more efficient and always on the highest level.

Statistics made for engineers

Gain and improve your process models

Create and refine models for complex processes. The regression module also covers ANOVA methods that help improve process data and step up to a new quality level.

Minimize the time used on experiments

An integrated step-by-step guide for experimental designs (DoE) will help perform statistically optimized experiments. This can significantly reduce the effort to conduct real experiments and develop final products.

Get insights faster with EDA

Interactive Exploratory Data Analyses with data brushing or labeling are of great help when doing data research such as root cause analysis. The tools are intuitive, time-saving and a must in every day use.

Save time with reusable analysis workflows

Get a graphical approach to find and establish analyzes workflows in an intuitive way. Keep track of how data turns into actionable insights. Apply your analyses sequences to other use cases to automate recurring and time-consuming reporting tasks.

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