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advanced statistical process control

Best practices for quality excellence

Do things right, the first time

To ensure continuous high product quality in modern high-tech manufacturing, the traditional Statistical Process Control (SPC) is no longer enough to manage the complexities and the increasing amount of data collected. To be competitive, companies have to ensure that the best quality is achieved at a competitive price, so making things right the first time becomes the motto of production.

With Advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC), the focus is on filtering the essential information out of all production process data, which empowers people to make decisions and take required actions faster. This entails not only hundreds of thousands of active control charts but also effective escalation strategies, trouble shooting guides, executable OOC (Out of Control) workflows and much more.

De facto standard in high-tech manufacturing

Open system for advanced data analytics

The flexible integration with other applications supports exploratory data analysis, regression studies or the incorporation of deep learning strategies.

Access the analyses anytime

A comprehensive database of all process and measurement data as well as extensively featured control charts are available for in-depth and retrospective root cause analyses.

Ensure continuous quality improvements

Rule-based automation and implementation of standardized quality process ensure high  confidence level to ensure the right decisions and the best possible conditions for quality improvements.

Enjoy automated reports

Cyclically recurring reporting tasks such as the provisioning of Charts or KPIs can be configured and are automatically retrieved by the system.

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