function OptanonWrapper() { } Asset Performance Management - Monitor all equipment-related tasks

asset performance management

Monitor and orchestrate all equipment-related tasks

Agile competence management in action

Agile Asset Performance Management (APM) ensures monitoring and orchestrating of all competence and time management tasks related to equipment.

Based on real-time monitoring, the preventive and planned maintenance tasks are assigned to teams based on the required competences. This ensures successful completion of the defined maintenance tasks to maximize the equipment productivity.

As a result, you can enjoy maximum operational uptime with minimum maintenance occurrences and implicit documentation of the completed maintenance tasks.

Customer results speak for themselves

Up to 15% OEE improvement

Support of prescriptive maintenance through implementation of analytics strategies.

Up to 50% productivity increase

Learning and knowledge sharing turns a manufacturing company into an employee empowered organization that makes the teams more productive and reduces the need for maintenance.

Up to 3% yield increase

Suggestions for continuous improvement for process oriented metrics can be implemented immediately.

Up to 20% maintenance efficiency gains

With a maintenance workflow designer and maintenance execution engine you can be more efficient with your maintenance tasks.

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