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Demand Planning

Forecast with greater accuracy

Turn demand volatility into a competitive advantage

Demand volatility is a key challenge in manufacturing, and you can only have so much control over market fluctuations. What you can control is how you prepare for and respond to it. Our Demand Planning software empowers you to make data-driven decisions that help you sense and respond faster to changes around you. 

Sense, analyze and shape demand

Sense demand

Use advanced statistical forecasts and machine learning to predict changes in demand. 

Incorporate events

Used advanced statistical forecasts to incorporate events like promotions, holidays and short life cycle products. 

Improve forecasts

Automate and optimize forecasts to remove human errors, improve service and reduce inventory.

Make better decisions

Turn data into actionable insights to maximize profitability, reduce risks and boost customer service. 

Work on one plan

Seamlessly collaborate on consensus demand planning with sales, marketing, supply chain and finance.

Reduce costs

Eliminate obsolete inventory and decrease inventory carrying costs.

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