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Environment, health, safety & quality management

Pragmatic software for EHSQ professionals and plant managers 

Fewer incidents. Better compliance. A stronger workforce. 

Predictability and reliability are the bedrock of the manufacturing business. And manufacturing by nature is all about established processes. Choose a pragmatic software solution that meets the unique needs of your organization. Record, track, analyze, and report on all your EHSQ processes. All from one place.

One platform for all your EHSQ workforce. Powered by Tenforce.

Our Solutions

Audits & Observations

Simplify paperwork, mitigate risks and access realtime intelligence. Reduce auditing costs. Enhance auditor productivity. And collaborate better across teams and stakeholders.


Incidents Management

No more juggling data scattered throughout emails, paper documents, and spreadsheets. Respond quickly. Stay compliant. Reduce incident rates.


Permit to Work

Initiate, prepare and control. Your permits, isolation certificates and labels… everything needed to execute work in your plant.


Management of Change

Mitigate risks and hazards with robust Management of Change. Follow a structured and streamlined process for each change request. Achieve operational excellence.


Shift Management

Enable 24/7 shift communication and boost operational efficiency. Automate all processes that are critical to a safe shift change.


Competence Management

Create a real-time and predictive inventory of your workforce capabilities. Plan and track trainings. Automate skill management.

Contractor Management

Make sure your contractors stay productive and safe members of your workforce. Access everything you need through one easy-to-use platform.


Risk Management

Identify, analyse, and eliminate to the highest degree any risk that might constitute a danger to the health and safety of your workers.


Chemicals Management

Analyse, automate and monitor chemical related processes and provisions. Maintain compliance. Mitigate chemical risk.


Mechanical Integrity

From safety inspections to preventative maintenance and technical evaluations. Gain complete visibility into your equipment performance. Minimise liability. Fulfill compliance requirements. Automate your inspection process.


Corrective & Preventive Actions

Get the visibility, control and collaboration you need to permanently eliminate non-conformities.


Quality Management

Continuously improve your products and service. Safeguard your reputation.


Process Documentation

Identify the current state of a process with organized documentation. Readily available for anyone who needs it. Update and approve new versions. Collaborate in real time.

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