function OptanonWrapper() { } Inventory Optimization - Improve profitability and customer satisfaction

Inventory optimization

Improve profitability and customer satisfaction

Serve your customers better with less stock

Inventory management is a critical part of an efficient supply chain. Too much inventory consumes capital and increases the risk of stock becoming obsolete, while not enough will negatively impact your customer service.​

​What if you could reduce inventory by 15% to 30% while enhancing the customer service experience? Elisa IndustrIQ makes sure you have just enough inventory on hand to meet demand while freeing up working capital that’s trapped in excess inventory.

Exceed service goals, reduce inventory and save costs

Optimize stock levels

Determine optimal safety stock levels, order quantities and order frequencies for all your products.

Maximize sales potential

Avoid stock outs, overstocking or underselling with real-time inventory tracking and automatic replenishment system.

Increase agility

Identify risks and opportunities faster by bringing suppliers into your planning process with a web-based collaboration tool.

Reduce inventory costs

Eliminate excess stock with more accurate inventory plans and decrease inventory carrying costs.

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