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We fuel solutions with AI-driven manufacturing insights

Drive results from your data

Data is the transformative energy of the modern enterprise. When organizations tap the power of their data, they collaborate more, innovate and grow faster.
Elisa IndustrIQ connected intelligence platform unlocks the value of real-time data for making smarter, faster decisions.

Leverage the power of AI


Increase revenue

Optimize processes and gain insights to drive improved revenue and customer service, all with the power of advanced analytics.

Optimize operations

Use the data-driven insights and recommendations to optimize every point along the value chain.

Move from reactive to proactive

Use descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to make better and faster decisions – before the they become problems.

Gain visibility

Leverage data from across your company to gain new insights into your supply chain operations and performance.

We connect to any data source, unify data for greater access, and predict outcomes in real-time


Connect to any data source,
machine or application.


Production lines or entire factories
in 3D for easy understanding.


Gain meaningful insights from data
and confidently predict the next wave of success. 


Business processes, operations,
and customers experiences.


Break down data silos and
unify data for greater access.

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