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order promising

Make a promise, not a guess

Promise, deliver and fulfil with confidence 

Order promising is the foundational building block of customer service. The process helps determine shipment strategies, delivery dates, and the sourcing of the materials needed. ​Promising customer orders with greater reliability through an automated approach enables companies to reduce expedites, improve on-time delivery and increase customer satisfaction.

Synchronise demand, production and material plans 


Improve customer satisfaction​

Automatically promises accurate order delivery dates by keeping up to date with capacity, material availability, and shipping strategies, helping you to improve customer service. ​​ ​

Reduce costs​

Keeping inventory and order promising in real-time helps avoid production overtime, expedited shipping costs, and customer dissatisfaction redos.

Increase efficiencies​

Conduct what-if analysis to determine how various scenarios would impact your confirmed orders and operational efficiencies.

Shorten lead times​

Promising based on reality that considers the dynamic environment rather than traditional and standard lead times, which tend to be static and does not reflect the business reality.

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