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Relied upon by a wide range of global manufacturers, our Quality Management solution has become the de facto standard in the semiconductor industry for integrated statistical process control. It interacts with multiple data sources and processes, gives you complete control over production quality across all your manufacturing sites, and ensures you can track all your data by managing it within a centralised database, according to the ISO 9001 standard.

Our Quality Management solution gives you complete control over standards implementation, product quality, quality, and metrics verification. There are several add-on modules and chart plug-ins available to help you customise the solution to your specific needs and requirements. Ultimately, our QM solution enables you to continuously improve the process quality of your entire value chain.


The focus in our Quality Management solution is on filtering the essential information out of all production process data, which empowers you to make decisions and take required actions faster. This entails not only hundreds of thousands of active control charts but also effective escalation strategies, trouble shooting guides, executable OOC (Out of Control) workflows and much more.

Open system for advanced data analytics

A comprehensive database of all process and measurement data as well as extensively featured control charts are available for in-depth and retrospective root cause analyses. Flexible integration with other applications and systems supports exploratory data analysis, regression studies and the incorporation of deep learning strategies.

Quality improvement through automation

Rule-based automation and implementation of standardised quality processes ensure a high confidence level to make the right decisions and offer the best possible conditions for quality improvement. With our Quality Management solution, you can easily configure and automate cyclically recurring reporting tasks such as the provisioning of Charts or KPIs.

Built on experience

Our Quality Management solution reflects the best practices for increasing efficiency, quality, and reliability that we have repeatedly been optimising over many years in a wide range of manufacturing environments and industries. With our QM solution, you get an agile solution that can be constantly adapted to the future requirements of your production.


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Quality management


Our Advanced Statistical Process Control module supports complete process trace data collection as units are processed in the equipment and validated against the guard band defined for a given process recipe.

The module offers an open system for advanced data analytics and lets you implement standardised quality processes. Automated reporting and efficient data analyses offers shorter learning cycles and configurable end-of-process summary data.

Quality Management

Supplier quality management

This module helps you collaborate closely with your subcontractors and suppliers at worldwide production sites. Using an electronic Certificate of Analysis (eCOA), you can quickly implement, verify, and continuously improve mandatory quality standards for your entire supply chain.
quality management
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Quality management

Customer Quality MANAGEMENT

The Customer Quality Management module offers automated creation of electronic Certificates of Analysis (eCOA) which can be flexibly tailored to your individual needs and requirements. The overall goal for the module is to facilitate resource-saving drawing up of Certificates of Analysis and offering prompt availability of quality data on the entire supply chain.

Approval processes for complete supply chains and for material movements become streamlined thanks to this module, resulting in only goods with proper standards ending up in transit.

Quality management

Electronic Out-of-control action plans

Electronic Out-of-control Action Plans module adds a new dimension to your quality assurance at the operational level. It helps you ensure compliance with quality, process, and individual compliance regulations, as well as, helps in better analyses of root causes.

With this Quality Management module, you help your backend line achieve maximum productivity and benefit from precise, real-time automated decision-making.

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With our expertise and industry-proven solutions, we address challenges in manufacturing supply chains.

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In today’s demand-driven markets, having flexibility in Supply Chain Management is a key enabler for companies to reach their strategic, financial, and sustainability targets. Implementing an efficient supply chain management process for your organisation can help your company achieve “best-in-class” performance and surpass competitors.
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Our powerful Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution flexibly combines essential modules that reflect the best practices for increasing efficiency, quality, and reliability. Our solution has been helping manufacturers in a wide range of industries, and it can be tailored to the individual needs of your production.
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Our HSE software is made for companies that strive for excellence. Excellence in operating safely, respecting the environment, and protecting the well-being of employees, contractors, and communities in which you are active.