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manufacturing operations management

Agile, open, and scalable solutions

Actively manage your operations

By implementing a powerful Manufacturing Operations and Execution System (MOM/MES) that is adapted to the individual needs of high-tech production can dramatically improve your manufacturing performance.

Digital transformation of manufacturing gives you the agility you need to establish, enforce and change operational processes within the shortest possible time. By investing in an open, agile and scalable solution, your entire organization is ready for any technological evolution or market changes to come.

Digitalize across supply chain

Always meet your quality objectives

With advanced quality assurance, you ensure that all processes meet or exceed quality objectives – for customer satisfaction, audits, and your future success.

Improve plant availability and utilization

Real-time monitoring and visualization enable you to feel the pulse of all your production systems. You can identify problems faster and take actions to avoid unplanned downtime.

Reduce inventory and throughput times

Real-time data insights enable active material flow management and optimization, providing transparency and traceability across your processes.

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